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     Lisa organized my basement, ran errands, organized my garage and patio. I have hired Lisa's services for fundraisers and other events that I have hosted.

Member Comments: Lisa was prompt, energetic, efficient, and carries a fun, positive attitude. The results of her hard work show. 

The highest compliment I can give Lisa is that she is Honest and Trustworthy. 

One of my treats for friends is a gift card from Get Organized. 

I have used Get Organized for the past 6 years and I will

continue to use this company   


  After moving  and unloading the moving truck, I found my home full of boxes. The task seemed overwhelming, but Lisa and her positive attitude put me at ease. Lisa from Get Organized was an invaluable asset helping me get my boxes unpacked, and my home back in order. Thanks Lisa for getting me Organized. Nancy-  

I have been employing Lisa for nearly a year to assist with organization in my apartment. She has been very helpful in bringing ‘order to things.’ I appreciate her attitude and humor as we work together. Lisa is uplifting and I have begun to look forward to her ‘visits.’ 

This was not always the case due to my own anxiety of having someone else see the problem areas.

 I would highly recommend Lisa for any organizing tasks. 

Eileen K.

This letter of appreciation is long overdue. Every day I think of Lisa as I see areas in my house which are really improved thanks to her excellent organizing skills.

We both know the cluttered disaster my house was in at the beginning of her work here. Somehow, (I'm still amazed by this) she helped me find my garage, made for me a true laundry area, cat area, fan area, library, workshop, and low and behold, there was a floor there after all!

 It is really my pleasure to brag about Lisa like this, for not only is she the most willingly, amazingly helpful, cheerful and talented organizer I have ever had help me, she also have been so much fun to work with! With Lisa I am always at peace no matter how much personal disorder we're tackling, and I never feel self conscience about either my house disarray or my own physical limitations. This is because I know that together we will work through the clutter bit by bit, and the end result will be wonderful.

Lisa is truly a talented and sensitive woman with a gift for organizing within the parameters of your clients wishes. And, when I didn't have a clue what I wanted she offered suggestions politely and intelligently

Some people may wonder about your service cost. Wow...what I think is that you are worth every dollar you will ever, you are worth triple that. Personally I look forward to each month, setting aside money so that I can get you to my house again. You help me so much Lisa.

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selectinThink I'll go mess things up somewhere just so I can call you for help :). You are the best organizer ever! From one of your most satisfied customers EVER... Carol H.

I have used other home organizers and they don't hold a candle to Lisa. She is lightening fast, cost effective and is very innovative with using the furniture, containers etc that are already in my home. I have a large family with limited space and resources and I can assure you that you are getting one "Amazing Deal" when you enlist Lisa's expertise. She's amazing!!!!!! Dawn B.

Well, as God would have it. He put Lisa and me together while waiting at the counter of a store. 

  The first task was my closet. Lisa showed up 8:30 on a Tuesday morning. She asked me to leave for a few minutes while she pulled everything out of the closet (a walk-in). I must have gasped because she immediately reached out to calm me. I thought it would be at least an all day job. Working with Lisa the closet was done by 12:30 p.m. and it was fun!

 Since then Lisa has helped with countless task but the most fun was the garage. That’s right, organizing and purging my garage was a fantastic experience but only because of Lisa.

While cleaning my garage I came across many lost “treasures.” For example, I was going to toss a couple of leather jackets. The zipper was missing off of one and the other was pretty rough looking. Lisa cautioned me saying she knew someone who might be able to fix and clean them. Flipping open her phone, Lisa contacted the professional and explained what we had found. On her way home that evening Lisa dropped off the jackets. One week later, and for only $75 she presented two, beautifully restored leather jackets . . . and I had a happy husband.

Lisa knows that managing stuff is emotional and is very sensitive to that. She has an outstanding work ethic; I trust her – explicitly. The saying, “It’s not what you know but who you know,” applies to Lisa; her professional contacts are second to none. Finally, when you hire Lisa you just might be getting a new friend as well getting organized! 



Cleaned and organized my kitchen AND garage. Excellent! Professional and timely and a joy to work with.

She packed a large box of kettles; labeled and took to post office to mail!

Member Comments: See above: covers it all. I would recommend her to anyone.

She infuses a ray of sunshine in her work.

Excellent! Uses great initiative; keeps on task and is 'speedy'


I have hired Lisa Silsbee of Get Organized on several occasions to help me with cleaning and organization at my home.

 Lisa and I have worked side by side on some projects; she has worked independently on others. She gives me accurate estimates of time before work commences. Often, we complete work in less time than estimated. I attribute this to her amazing energy and quick decision-making. She is able to look at a situation, assess it and then tackle it.

Lisa’s hourly rate is very reasonable in light of what she is able to get done. She is pleasant and enthusiastic. She has a good eye for detail. When she is done with a room, it is thoroughly cleaned, there is significantly less clutter and the room is appealing and inviting. 

I will hire Lisa again without hesitation. I have given her name to others as a resource for cleaning, organization and staging

Yours truly

Virginia B.


Just a note of thanks, Lisa, for rearranging your busy schedule to help my Aunt. She had you come help her when things got to much for her to take care of earlier. You did a great job. This is a hard move for an elderly person to give up many of their possessions to move to a smaller room. What could have been a long, tedious job , you did in a hard days work. We are so appreciative. Thank you thank you. I would recommend you to anyone that is in need of getting organized or just in need of making things a lot less stressful in their lives... believe me, you did both for us...

Thank you so much...Edna

I have had the privilege of working with Lisa Silsbee on several occasions. Lisa was hired to organize my classroom at Lake Placid Elementary School where I taught Kindergarten. During this time I saw firsthand what a dedicated and hard-working person she is. Lisa would always go above and beyond her duties as a organizer. Not only did she work very well with the children in my class but she helped me to be the kind of teacher I strive to be. Lisa's organizational skills that she displayed in my classroom allowed me to be a more organized and well-prepared teacher for my students. Lisa was well-liked by both students and staff.


Celeste H.

First Grade Teacher

The last time I used Lisa's services I paid her $150.00 for work split over 2 days.

She worked for me numerous times since the fall.

She totally rearranged my office and several storage areas in my home.

We started with purging out-dated office materials; labeling, archiving and storing pertinent data.

She 'organized' shelving in a storage building in my back yard; ; added hooks and hangars.

She did the same in my garage.

Member Comments: I am very happy with Lisa's work and am having her back very soon; for a spring cleaning.

She is a delightful positive personality to work with; she keeps me on task; she is always punctual;

she is focused (no time wasted dilly-dallying); she is detailed.; and makes it look soo easy.

She is considerate ~ always asks my preference and gets it done

It is such a relief to see things organized; and the dumpster full.

I highly recommend her! K.K

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